I am Danish Wadhwa Founder of Worduct.

People mainly ask me How I started this Blog and which tools do I use to run Worduct Website.

For the same, I have decided to create Worduct Blueprint which will give you the backstage briefing about I started and raised Worduct to this level. Will also share the tools and services that we use here at Worduct to run it successfully as a team.

Before moving further let me brief me how I got an idea to start worduct.

Within ~6 years of my journey of entrepreneurship, the biggest challenge I faced was not able to deliver things up to my satisfaction, and the only culprit for this found is Poor Time Management.

I decided to Hack my time and managed in a way where I can balance my Work and Life. Along with this journey,  I learned a lot of Productivity Tips and decided to teach people the same. Because I realized this is not only my problem, instead it’s common across the world.

Find Name

So the one thing which comes to my mind is, I should start a Blog on this. What should be the name?

I was thinking something around “Productivity” After a lot of research and brainstorming I finalized with Worduct = Work Productively.

I use NameStation to find some great names combinations, and it tells about the Domain Availability too.

Domain Name

Now it was high time to register Domain Name

No, I didn’t go to GoDaddy to register it, as I ran a Domain & Hosting Company earlier I used ResellerClub for reselling Domains at that time.

I signedUp with ResellerClub for a Reseller Account and bought my Domain Name.

If you want to earn some extra income, starting a web hosting company is a good idea. It is very simple with ResellerClub they have a full range of Domain & Hosting related products which you can just resell with their ready made store front.

Blogging Platform

Without any thought, I went with WordPress, as this is the best blogging platform on the web.

No doubt there are other popular blogging platforms available like The reasons I recommended WordPress because of the freedom and flexibility you get to customize your blog/website.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting is the house for your website on the internet, so choosing a hosting partner is critical.

At Worduct I am using Digital Ocean Server managed by CloudWays.

As I am coming from the Hosting background, I understand how is it important for a website so can not afford to host it in a shared environment. I choose to go with the cloud hosting, and nothing can match the price and quality to Digital Ocean in this case.

As the DigitalOcean cloud servers come with an essential management and support, So I opted for CloudWays as they make the server fully managed for us with one click WordPress Deployment.

Website Design & Theme

We are using Avada Theme which is the top selling theme at ThemeForest. It carries endless features:

  • It is easy to use as it comes with pre-loaded Page Builder and has extensive functionality.
  • It has great loading speed and highly optimized for SEO standards.
  • It comes with many ready to use templates for all tastes.

We had structure and customized the complete Avada theme in-house to make the reader’s user experience great.


Website performance – how fast your site loads, is one of the most important factors of online success. Even if you have great design, content and perfect Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a slow website will drive away visitors and make Google think twice about including your site in its results.

For the same we use WordPress Cache Plugin and Content Delivery Network (CDN)

WP-Rocket: We use this for page caching & browser caching, as increases the page load speed.

MaxCDN: We use a Content Delivery Network, MaxCDN, to speed up our site and reduce server load. We use it to serve static content images, CSS, javascript, etc.


Trello: We use this for to keep check for the complete content flow and helps in planning our content calendar.

Google Docs: Writers write content on Google Docs and Moderators collaborate on the same doc to add suggestions.

Coschedule: We convert the google doc file to post and schedule if for release in a content calendar. Along with it, we schedule same content for social media publishing and manage our social media calendar at the same place.

Check the detailed post on How we use CoSchedule as Content & Marketing Calendar.

Gravit Form: Worduct uses Gravity Form to power all contact forms and lead generation.


Long Tail Pro: We uses this to find Long Keywords to tank our website with little competition and highest searches.

SEO Pressor: Using this in replacement to Yoast, because it is more stable and has some real features like – Auto inter-liking. We can Target Multiple Keywords using Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Technique.

Monarch Social Sharing: We have added this to our all our blog posts which make it more shareable on Social Media by readers.

Click to Tweet: An Awesome way to get your content shared on Twitter, where you can add interactive tweets within the content.

Optinmonster: The best lead generation tool and it helps us to increase numbers for email subscribers.

BufferApp: We strategies and schedule our Social Media Marketing Campaigns with Buffer.

MailChimp: It helps us to design, send and track beautiful emails newsletter to our subscribers.

Ahrefs: Our SEO Team uses it to find backlinks strategy for our competitors and work on it.

BuzzStream: We outreach the blogs/websites those have linked to our competitor and grab a backlink if possible.

Thirsty Affiliate: It manages all our affiliate links efficiently and allows us to clock links and replace keywords and more.


Akismet: It stops spam and helps us focus on the content. It is a free plugin if you are a WordPress user.

Subscribe to Comment Reloaded: Allows commenters to sign up for e-mail notifications of subsequent replies.


How i can forget, this is core to Worduct.

All our team members work day and night to find some great hacks and apps which can increase the productivity of working person some way.


We mainly use GSuite which come with pre-loaded Productivity Apps:

Gmail: You already know how helpful and necessary Gmail for a working user, so you can not afford to skip this app.

Inbox: I use Inbox in replacement to Gmail because it bundles and schedules messages which are very helpful.

Hangout: Must needed an app for teams and especially remote teams for collaboration in chatting and video calling.

Calendar: This is as important as Gmail Inbox for me, as I Organize all the schedule here even my Gym and Fruit eating time.

Drive: We use this store data and collaborate with other team members in real time using with content writers, Designers, etc.

Docs: We can not think of blogging without Google Docs as it saves a lot of our time and energy in collaboration and exchanging thoughts.

Sheets: Earlier we use to manage our content progress in this, but now we are using it for many purposes in replacement to Excell.

Slides: We use a lot of presentations and Infographic in content, so we use it for generating real and authentic content.

Huuuu…. I am sure that enough for now as I have given you enough to explore. Will keep on updating this page as we start using other Productivity Apps.

If you find our Blueprint useful or helpful, I am sure you will like to explore more around Productivity and LifeHacks. For updates like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.