It is said that early to bed and early to rise is the real way of life, but in reality how many of us actually follow this?

Many of us try and make many resolutions every month to get up early regularly, but never follow it religiously.

So, here I tell you some incredible ways by which you can get into a habit of getting up early each morning to make yourself healthy, wealthy and wise too!

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#1 Keep the gadgets away

The devices- tabs, mobiles, i-pads, Kindles are the real sleep stealers. Once you take them to bed, you leave them only when you are done with the continuing story.

It should be stopped immediately. If you are an avid reader and cannot sleep without reading, finish off the story on the table itself and once you get into the sleep mode, hit the bed straight and wake up fresh early each morning.

#2 Meditate before going to sleep

Meditation is a sure shot way of a relaxing sleep. Before going to bed try different meditation techniques that help you sleep better. It will automatically wake you up very fresh next day morning.

On the other side, as a bonus, you get a shinier skin and hair too. Meditation works wonders in most cases if done with full concentration. Try doing the breathing techniques too.

#3 STOP Snoozing

Snoozing habit can make your life even tougher. We all have done it during school, college days but when it comes to maintaining a regime every day, you need to be much more sincere.

Once the alarm clock rings, leave the bed. Do not snooze it once, twice, thrice. Or you can also use such alarm clock that gives an alarm just once but for a longer time.

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#4 Get pally with your pillow

Many people do this and have been successful with this procedure. Before sleeping, just tell your pillow to wake you up early the next morning. It is not talking to the pillow, but training your brain to do so.

This way your brain is stimulated to act that way and you get up at a fixed time every morning. This trick has worked for me. Try this out!

#5 No movies before bed time

If you have a habit of watching movies at night and then coming to bed, you can never become an early riser. People who watch movies and then hit the bed, usually have disturbed sleep or sleep with dreams that involve bits of that film.

Before going to bed, instead of watching a movie, watch a relaxing television show or a laughter show and then go to bed. Listening to music can be however the best option.

#6 Set a task for yourself

It is human nature that whenever any important task is to be finished, most of us remain alert about it. Same applies to the morning routine. If you want to get to early every day, set a task for yourself.

Like going to meet a dearest friend at 6 am, may be going for a jog to a far off park or just a reminder that you have to help mom at 5 am. This can surely turn you into an early riser in a few days.

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#7 Ask friends, take suggestions

What worked for one person may not work for you. So, always take suggestions and opinions from different friends and colleagues as to what they do to get up early morning and what has transformed them into an early riser.

Few of them might be dependent on mom, dad while others must be doing the train the brain therapy, but something else might work for you. So, try and experience it yourself.

#8 Cut on alcohols

For a weekend it may seem ok but regular intake of caffeine, alcohol, and similar things might always hamper your sleep and will never let you wake up early ever.

To transform yourself into a brighter person and see the sun every morning, eat healthily. Drinks that affect your sleep should be placed out of reach. You can always drink warm water and then hit the bed for a better sleep and even better stomach.

#9 Try to be at par with your friends

I am sure you must be having a bunch of friends around you are just like you and who are trying to convert into an early riser. Try competing with them.

Set goals for yourself and motivate them too. Day one- set it to 6 am. Day two- set it to 5 am and so on. Once you start accomplishing it, start rewarding yourself. Try it out. It really feels great and also helps you in creating a healthier life pattern for yourself.

#10 Waking up at same time

Firstly, to get up early every day, one should start to depend on an alarm clock as it will help you to wake up at a same time. Keep the alarm clock close to your ears and get that shaky feel for the first few days. After that, you can always keep the clock a little far and set your mind to do so every day.

Once you start training your mind to wake you up every day, it will do the same, but this requires a deep sleep once you are on the bed every night.

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I hope, my tips must have helped in targeting your goal of becoming an early riser. Start implementing these points in your life and you are ready to spruce up the every bit of productivity in you at all walks of life.

So, get set now! Wake up early every morning, smell the coffee and shaking off your laziness behind in the bed and kick start your every new day to do a miracle at your workplace.