10 Habits that leave you distracted at work

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I have few questions for all of you.

How often do you feel unproductive?

Now put your thinking caps on and recall how you start your day in an office.

Start by noticing your daily work routine and find out what is it that biggest barrier that keeps you away from accomplishing your tasks?

Once you find out what daily habits distracts your brain @ work, you can simultaneously work on the strategies and turn out to be more productive.

Here’s the list of habits that thwart your efficiency and make you less productive.

#1 Excessive web browsing

It happens with all of us. When we are working on a particular work assignment, some thought crosses our mind, and we just start googling out.

These days, everyone is getting so addictive to web browsing that minutes just turn into hours, and we just lose our focus.

Therefore, it’s important to stop spending time on it while working. If you just can’t stop it; then you can at least strive to work in one tab to remain focused or decide hours that you’re going to spend on web browsing.

#2 Are you a procrastinator?

Always remember those who procrastinate always fail to fulfill their daily, weekly and even monthly targets on time. Most people are in the habit of delaying things until the last hour to get things done. If you do not want to be on a backburner, start by taking action now.

Take rational decisions and follow a go-getter attitude to finish your work before the set deadlines.

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#3 Are you indecisive?

Indecisive means when you are unsure and unconfident about making a decision. When we have to pick from ample choices, we often get confused, and decision-making process becomes slow.

If you come across a situation, where you are unable to take right decisions, you need to think once again. To move ahead in life, you need to rise above ambivalent approach and work more productively.

At times, you have to take charge to get things done with a positive attitude. So, the best way deal with ambivalent attitude first is sure of what you do and how you do.

Don’t pay heed to what others think, if you think that deep down you’re doing it right, keep following that way.

Here’s a tip to know more about signs of indecision.

#4 Is multitasking your favorite trick to do more at work?


You may be thinking that you are doing a lot of work by multitasking at work, right? But the truth is that you are losing energy by switching tasks.

90% professionals believe that multitasking is the way to get more done at a time but in reality, it leads you to nowhere.

No matter, how strict is the deadline, till the time you are not focusing on a single task, you cannot complete other tasks in a row.

Even researchers also claim that ‘Multitaskers’ are always less productive than single-taskers.

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#5 Saying Yes to everything

If you are in the habit of ‘Saying Yes’ to everything, it will not give you results. When you agree to all the things, you eventually lose track of your time.

If you want to be productive, master the art of Saying “No” to things that hamper your work efficiency and wastes your precious time.

#6 Using too many productivity tools

Going tech savvy is good, but if you overdo it, you end up being less productive.

Many professionals and youngpreneurs are excessively taking advantage of productivity tools in their daily routine to remain productive and track their activity.

It is indeed a good practice, but if you solely rely on these tools, your entire focus goes in understanding and automating things which shift your focus from the important tasks.

The best way to boost your performance levels is to start using only proven productivity tools. The other way to enhance your speed is to learn keyboard shortcuts for working effortlessly without a mouse.

#7 Is your desk cluttered?

Working in chaotic workstations makes you distracted.

The best way to deal with it is – declutter your workstation by organizing things and throwing away unwanted desk items that you do not need.

Make it a daily habit to clean your workstation before leaving from office so that you don’t need to spend time on cleaning it the next day.

By following this daily practice, you will be more organized and quickly complete your work goals.

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#8 Not tracking your daily activity

Do you trail your daily activity? If you don’t do then, you should make an effort to make a list of completed tasks.

I strongly feel that by tracking your day’s activity at the end of the day, you will get a feeling of accomplishment and motivate you to do more in just a 9 hours of a daily shift at work.

#9 Smartphone is a distracting device!

There were times when the only minuscule of the population used to have access to the mobile phones.

You all will be amazed to find out that they were more productive than the present era.

With a proliferation of 3G to 4G mobile networks on smartphones, working professionals nowadays stay more hooked to their smart devices.

Another major drawback is that they remain active on answering calls all the time.

This is what that let them lose their precious time, and this is the biggest reason why they remain inefficient at work.

#10 Lying and making excuses

When a work project is not finished on a given time, many professionals come up with excuses like – they couldn’t make it as there were limited resources or there was no support from a colleague or they just lie.

If you follow this pattern during the time of project submission, then you are just fooling yourself and others who believed that you could do.

Stop giving excuses rather make your best effort to complete your goals on time. Once you put a full stop to excuses, you will become more accountable, and your life will be much easier.

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#11 Keep negativity at bay

Do you feel surrounded by a negative energy? If you feel so, then try keeping yourself intact from negativity by changing the way you think.

To be in an upbeat mood, you need to change your dull routine first, and then kick start your day with meditation, exercise and reading positive thoughts.


In the end, I want to conclude this blog post with a famous quote by Steve Jobs that has just popped in my mind.

He once said, “Everyone here has the sense that ‘Right Now’ is one of those moments when we are influencing the future.”

I am confident that you all will agree with him. We often forget that “Right Now” is the time to give our best shot. If we keep on looking back and stay more worried about what will happen in future, there is no way we can become successful in our endeavors.

Similarly, if you set your goals in a right direction, you need to say goodbye to all the bad habits that leave you distracted at work.