You might think about it once.

Why would I create a Google+ profile, when I can already use these popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram for promoting my brand?

I agree that Facebook and Twitter have a massive reach on the web and the people of all age groups can be tapped quickly.

But, there is nothing wrong in tapping your target audience via Google+ too. We all know it’s a part of world’s famous technology brand.

Being a Google’s product, it has the potential reach and viability to help your brand in marketing and promotion. Google+ gives access to some mind-blowing benefits you never thought of.

Many of you may not know having an account on Google is itself a blessing in disguise as you can use various tools and products that let you work from anywhere even without an internet connectivity.

Not only you get a good ranking on Google, but you enjoy the powerful brand presence on the world’s biggest search engine.

In case, you want to explore more features you can also go for Premium Email services to get a greater brand visibility.

Google+ is free service that lets you work faster, online collaboration and gets synced with other devices too.

For getting started with the Google+, all you have to do is – create an account on Google. If you don’t have one, then make a one on Google and get a free access to use office productivity suite and products to ramp up your presence in the online world.

Facts about Google+

  • Google+ is a social network from Google family.
  • It was launched on June 28, 2011, and reached 10 million users in just two weeks after the launch and by the end of the same year, it had 90 million users.
  • Inspired by Pinterest, G+ unveiled its “Collections” feature in May 2015, which allows users to “build content collections based on topics of interests.”
  • According to a research paper, after surpassing Twitter, Google+ became the 2nd largest social network in the world, and 540 million active users were connected.

Source: Wikipedia

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Google+ gets you good ranking in the Google search results. To give your business a better outreach, here are benefits of Google+ that you need to know.

Benefits: Google+

Without a doubt, Google dominates the majority of the market share in online search. And, if you are looking to reach out to your target audiences, there is no better player than Google+. You know why?

It won’t make much difference if you have a presence on other mediums.

But what makes real sense is that – if you search anything on Google, you always get the best of the results. In addition, if you are a Google user and making use of Google+, you will get more ranking than you could get on the other channels.

That is why Google+ is a phenomenal marketing tool for promoting your brand and with its powerful search engine optimization (SEO), your website can be found by your potential customers.

#Bonus Tip: Google uses a software called “Web Crawlers” that helps in discovering the publicly available web pages.

Hashtags (#) are no longer limited to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! Businesses, brands or young entrepreneurs can post anything on Google+ by adding Hashtags to specific words and optimize search.

#Tip: Social media networking websites use a hashtag to help people find specific keywords or content.

You can call hashtag as a label or meta tag! So, when you post anything on Google+ by adding a Hashtag to a specific word, Google search also integrates recent G+ updates.

Things you can do with your Google+ profile

Via Google+, entrepreneurs, and businesses of shapes and sizes can promote their brand for free and reach their targeted audiences instantly.

If you have just started with Google+ profile, you need to edit your profile and then you can find people and topics of interest and simultaneously follow them to stay updated.

Once you do that, it will display your Collections, Communities and the People you are following.

Moreover, you can categorize your circle streams by categorizing the list of the people you follow. Even, you can add them to relevant fields such as Friends, Family, Acquaintances, and the already followed people.

After doing the required changes and updating your privacy settings, you are now ready to use Google+.

#1 Create a message

By going to the home page of Google+, where you will see a small box where it will ask you “What’s new with you,” now click on it and add your message.

Type your message in Google+.png

After you click on it, another box will pop-out, and now you can add your custom message related to your brand, share a photo, give a link, create a poll or add your location.

Make sure you make your post Public so you can easily appear in the top results.

Google+ Sharing tab.png

#2 Share a link

When you paste a link on Google+ sharing window, you can actually see the link’s preview in your browser and even add a custom message to it.

To get more traffic to your brand’s official website, you can share a link to your old and new blog posts. In fact, you can share promotional campaigns and launch new products to disseminate your message across.

Share a link on Google+.png

#3 Create a Poll

If you have launched a new product or a service in the market, you can also create a poll to know whether they liked it or not.

#4 Disable comments

If you don’t want to receive comments or reshares, you have the authority to disable it if you want to. However, we still want to suggest that never disable comments and reshares, if you do, you will never get people’s feedback.

#5 Enlarge your circle

You can also enlarge your circle by adding people who share common interests with you.

#6 Join communities

Search and join famous communities and keep sharing interesting content with the help of interactive videos and add photos to enhance customers’ engagement.

#7 Follow people

Besides following a connection and joining a community, you can also follow specific people and turn-on by going on to their profiles notifications.

Search Box in Google+.png

You can also search people, communities with the help of Search Box in your Google+ profile.

#8 Real-time interaction

Google+ is a great medium to interact with your customers in the real-time.

#9 Get quick reviews

You can check out people’s comments and reviews and revert them accordingly.

The other best part is that you ask people to share their product reviews by inserting an image directly into your comment.

#10 Create Collections

Businesses, brands, and young entrepreneurs can also create different ‘Collections’ where they can post about the brand’s accomplishments, new products, services and marketing campaigns.

They can share these collections publicly, privately or with a selected group of people.

#11 Appear in other people’s streams

The another surprising part of using New Google+ is that if you have followers or you have joined any communities, whatever you post on your profile will automatically display in the streams of other people who are following you.

If it clicks to someone, your post may also be recommended to other users who you are not following you.

#Tip: Forget the classic, move on to the new Google+ and find out what it offers!

#12 Get notifications in Email

Whenever someone comments or share reviews on your posts, you can change in settings to receive notifications directly in your Email.

Google+ is safe to use as you change the sharing settings and you can allow or restrict people to view your profile.

Depending on your individual preferences, you have the right to update your settings anytime you want to.


Google+ is the finest social media avenue for reaching out to your customers directly. As it’s a part of world’s most powerful search engine, you can drive more traffic to your website and maximize your profits.

So don’t wait and wonder. Just try it, and I am sure you will have a great experience.