Being in office and not getting disturbed or attracted by the happenings around is just art for a few people. But for many, it can be a task. Keeping your complete focus on the work assigned is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Let me tell you how you can be a pro at work. Firstly, we need to understand after all what being focused is. Focus is the imagination skill that allows you to do a task without any delay and then keep the attention till the work is finished.

Focus can be quite helpful in attaining your goal and also in saving a lot of vigor for the day.

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Ways to stay focused at work

Conquer distractions

At a workplace, you often get distracted by various things. Be it a phone, e-mails, snack time, or quick notifications, just keep them away until you are done with your topmost precedence.

To stay focused at work, it’s best to schedule your day, decide your priorities, create tasks lists, and work accordingly.

You can even take help of time tracking apps to track how much time you spent on various websites and stay even more productive.

Relax your mind

A daily meditation schedule may not give you instant help but can always show great results in the long run. Start meditating everyday early morning, and you will feel that your concentration power at work has increased.

You will be more focused on your work and also will be full of energy whole day. Such people not just keep themselves energized but also are a great source of inspiration for others as well.

Don’t sit long, take breaks

Doing continuous work is not a sign of a smart worker. If you have to remain focused at work, you have to take necessary breaks.

Go for a coffee or tea break. If a juice shop is nearby, you can always get a big glass of some energetic drink and get back to work. You will see that this small break helps a lot in your work style and increases your work focus too.

Do not entertain unnecessary troubles

Certain people around you are rarely seen working. They are either gossiping or moving around the office place for different reasons.

Try not to focus on them. If you are in between an important project and such people walk up to you asking for something, politely refuse and assure them that you will join them after work. This will clearly make you feel focused and determined.

Understand you are here to work

Not anyone but only you can make yourself understand that you have to remain focused and alert at the workplace.

There can be many distractions like phone calls, less important emails, a book kept in the drawer since days or may be a favorite song or game downloaded in your tab.

To improve your concentration levels, keep these things away and know that why the task at hand is important to be finished. Avoid any lures.

Make all important calls prior

If you have a habit of attending all the calls after reaching the workplace, stop it immediately to get focused.

To be focused you have to know what is important and what’s not. Try reducing the number of phone calls be it personal or professional. Understand that your first aim is to be focused in your work.

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Create a work chart

Always do the tasks one by one. Never take all work at a time and spoiling it all. Try scheduling all your to do tasks hourly. This way you know the top most important work and the least important one to be done.

With this method, you can also know how much time is to be allotted to each work and what is your actual aptitude. Never forget that the most tedious and lengthy tasks should be done first in the morning with new energy levels.

Know your diversions

Always try and find out what bothers or disturbs you most at work. Try finishing up that job before the task starts.

Say, if you have a habit of eating a lot between breaks or you are in the habit of listening to music or going through today’s news headlines, go through them before you begin your work for the day.

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Try working from the same place

Working and sitting at a small confined place can always help you concentrate more.  So, instead of sitting in open lawns, big conference halls always choose a small place where all you have is your desk, your laptop and you.

The focus will be more. Smaller places give you very few chances of being distracted as compared to open or big spaces.


After reading all these mind provoking tips, you are sure to finish off your tasks in much lesser time than you had thought. The crux is to finish a 2-hour task in less than one hour and see the benefits of being focused at work.