In simple words, “Procrastination” means delaying or postponing something.


Believe it or not, but it is one of the worst habits that keep us all distracted. Through this write-up, I am going to share proven ways to deal with procrastination.

Let’s find out!

Ways to Stop Procrastination

#1 Create a to-dos list for “tomorrow.”

Pick up your sticky note or a notepad, and start writing your to-dos list for the next day. Just make sure that the list is not lengthy. Also, ensure that you finish your list of tasks the next day.


#2 “Do one task at a time.”

Instead of delaying or spending more time on thinking or planning, the best way to start your day is, select one task and stick to it until it gets finished.

Focusing on one task will allow you to be in charge of your work goals.

#3 Perfection halts your work pace

We all want to give our best shot always and given this thought; we keep on perfecting things which eventually takes a lot of our time.

If you planned to finish your task today, the best way to do it is, just finish it first and perfect it at a later stage. This way, you can put in quality to your work too.

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#4 It’s best to remove all your doubts

Sometimes we don’t talk to the seniors and end up delaying tasks by not taking action. If this is being the case, the ideal way is to communicate and clear all your doubts before working on any particular task.

#5 Don’t take too much stress

We all know stress is the cause of all the problems. When you start taking stress about work-related things, you just end your day without making any productive efforts.

The more you think, the more you lose track of your productivity. So, never let stress overwhelm you in any way.

#6 Never doubt your capabilities

Don’t forget. “You can do more than you think.” I believe that when you start questioning your skills, you put-off tasks and turn out to be unproductive. It’s recommended for all to keep you away from nagging work pressures.

Rather, imagine that feeling of accomplishment you will feel when you finish what you have been delaying. Keep your spirits high and put your best foot forward.

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#7 Give yourself a distraction-free time to focus more

Do you know, what things make you procrastinate?

Most of us, spend a lot of time on unproductive activities such as excessive internet surfing, browsing social media websites, chatting or talking on a phone, and extensively spending time on checking Emails.

While working, you can always turn off all the notifications or sounds that disturb your peace of mind.

#8 Keep yourself in an upbeat mood

Your “mood swings” can make or mar your day’s productivity.

If you have a bad mood, it brings you closer to negativity and thereby leaving you distracted from your target goals.

Thus, it’s imperative that you stay positive and keep yourself in a good mood by reading a positive thought or a motivation quote to lift your spirits.

#9 Give yourself a break-time during a strenuous work schedule

Do you stay glued to your workstation for hours without a quick break? If you do it, then don’t do it as a short break is a must to refresh your mind and brain.

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#10 Don’t work on multiple tasks

The most common reason why we all procrastinate is that when we work on various assignments all at once. Stop doing it because when you do multitasking, you remain unproductive at work.

#Tip: These ways will only work for you if you genuinely make an effort to change your work style and habits.

#11 Track your progress

When you write down your list of accomplished tasks before leaving the office, it lets you analyze better. You can also track how much effort from your end is required regarding fulfilling your work goals.

#12 Declutter and Organize your Workstation

It’s a known fact that cluttered surroundings will always have a negative impact on your productivity. If you want to stop procrastination, you need to clean your office space so as to get more done.

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Wrapping Up

We all come across a situation when we tend to procrastinate even if we don’t feel like. And the best trick that works for all is, “You have the power to overcome all your fears, and nothing is impossible to get over the challenges you come across.”

Have faith in yourself, and you certainly can win over procrastination successfully. So, do try out these proven ways and be more insanely productive every day.


Also, I’ll be happy to know how you beat procrastination and fulfill your work goals. Don’t forget to share your thoughts.