Do you have a deadline tomorrow to submit articles?

Or a con call with a client?

Or an appointment with a dentist?

Well, we all note down our daily chores and engagements in a diary, on the phone or in a calendar. Not to forget those awesomely colorful and vibrant sticky notes that we have been using since our childhood for various projects as bookmarks.

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Let’s browse through all the marvelous means to make the most of Sticky Notes.

#1  Organize your files & folders

There are hundreds of files in our houses and a workplace that remain unorganized always. But now the problem will be quickly resolved with the help of colorful sticky notes. You can just name the folder on the sticky note, choose a color and stick it on the side of the file. Just arrange the files facing outside, so that you can easily locate it by seeing the colorful labels.

#2  Set reminders

Sticky notes are one of the cost-effective ways of writing your daily work goals and long-term plans at work too. You can even stick these colorful pop-ups paper reminders on the trackpad of your laptop, computer screens, notice boards or on the walls to motivate yourself to stay reminded about your important work targets. Stick Notes always draw your attention and hence keep instigating the fire in your belly to stay motivated.

#3  Leave messages

Sticky notes can work wonders in the kitchen too. You can stick on the containers, cabinets, or a cupboard for leaving messages for children and parents while leaving home.

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#4  For the jewelry boxes

This one’s especially for the girls. They can segregate their pieces of jewelry and put a sticky note on them with either a box number or mention things stored which undoubtedly saves your time and energy.

#5  For the E-users

Just in case, you are a lot of E-space and wish to use the sticky notes online you can only download the sticky notes app and start posting the notes on your desktop and make your life and work much easier. This way you are not only saving trees but also making yourself in line with the fast running digital world. You can use different fonts, sizes and keep the notes just the way you like it to be.

#6  Wishing on special days

Sticky notes never let you miss out on any special occasion of a loved one. Be it birthdays, anniversaries you can use sticky notes physically or online and wish someone extraordinary on their special day.

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#7  Marking your keys

Just in case if you have a big house, or if you live in a shared accommodation or a hostel, you can always label your keys by placing a sticky note on it. Just cover the keyring with a sticky note, and you will never have to keep in mind which key opens the door and which key is for the cupboard.

#7  For the kids

Sticky notes are a multipurpose stationery for school going kids as it can come handy as a creative craft piece or it can be used for origami to make paper roses, boats, fans, etc. It not only make the paperwork very attractive but also induce a sense of delight in the child. Also, post it notes can be used for setting up study plans and goals too.

#8  Marking around the house

There are certain corners in every house that needs to be marked all the time. Just like a switch that never works and needs to be covered. You can always paste a sticky note on it saying- Do not touch or stay away or anything similar and exciting. You can also paste them on the main gate of the house for visitors. These colorful notes can be easily located and seen by anyone visiting the house in your absence too.

#9  Use it in the family wedding

You can always use it in numerous ways in a family wedding. During any announcements, the hosts can keep the cards with sticky notes on it to remember names of each family member. Also, when giving away any gifts during the wedding, these handy notes can also be used.

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#10  Use as a wall decoration

We all love doing a lot of artistic things in the kid’s room. You can decorate the wall with sticky notes and also use them as wallpaper.

#11  Gift tagging

Sticky notes also solve the purpose of gift cards on the gift. Once the gift is packed and you all of a sudden remember that you don’t have any gift tag, you can anytime use a sticky note. Decorate it with a sparkle pen and paste it on the gift. It will surely give a different look to the gift box.

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Signing off

We have seen the rapid digitalisation, but sticky notes have always persisted and made us feel special in hundreds of ways. Trust me, apart from the usual office records and communication; sticky notes have many more creative uses.

It has always saved us during our school, college and at the workplace as reminders and motivation. I am sure; it had been your savior too in some way.

Do share with us how differently you use sticky notes at different walks of life.