Who doesn’t want to be manage time efficiently and be productive at the same time?

Believe it or not, but technology has made lives much easier, and there’s no more a secret.

These days, half of the population around the world still rely on traditional methods for scheduling, planning, and tracking their activity.

However, as economies across the world are growing, we just remain stick to old ways.

As we’ve stepped into the 2Ist century, the typical ways seem to be transforming with time. And, today a horde of productivity apps are ruling the roost.

Agree or disagree; productivity apps help you to manage your work life in a best possible way, and there’s no doubt about it.

From managing your big projects or meeting your deadlines, productivity apps do half of your job.

If you want to boost your productivity levels and do more in a less time, in that case, relying on these handpicked productivity apps will definitely turn to be the best choice.

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How does Productivity Apps manage your work life?

If you explore more, you will find that the market is overloaded with plenty of productivity apps that can be easily synced with your smartphone, tablet, or a laptop.

These apps are built to offer you a helping hand in streamlining your to-dos list, tracking your daily activity, expenses and many other things that you cannot think of.

You can increase your concentration levels, eliminate distractions, and stay focused on finishing your goals on time even without procrastinating.

Productivity apps do have a positive impact on professionals, newbie entrepreneurs, and even students concerning enhanced communication, transparency, and improved efficiency.

Productivity Apps are divided into various categories, which includes personal productivity apps, task management apps, and office productivity apps.

It doesn’t matter, which device you or your colleagues use, these apps will certainly allow you to maximize your productivity and manage your time. So here’s a complete list for you.

Rescue Time vs. Freedom: To stay distraction-free

Are you unable to manage time?

Are you getting distracted with excessive web browsing?

Don’t just worry as RescueTime is here at your rescue. This time management application works as a snitch, and it blocks all the sites that keep you hooked for hours. It also tracks your activity and gives you daily report too.

Similar to this, Freedom is another app that shuts down all the distracting websites for a period of time as suggested by the user.

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Office365 vs. Google Suite: Productivity Apps for Work

Are you tired of sending email attachments, coordinating with teammates or afraid of  losing your data?

Don’t just think much, as online collaboration apps won’t make things troublesome; rather these apps are here to support you in streamlining work process in a hassle-free way.

Without a doubt, Office 365 and Google Suite, (formerly known as Google Apps for Work) are the market leaders in inventing the world’s best technology brands.

Both of these brands offer the finest office productivity apps that allow you to work collaboratively while sitting anywhere. All you need is an internet connectivity to stay right on track.

When you hop on to office productivity tools, you get to work in the real-time where communication and collaboration become much easier.

Todoist: Manage your tasks

Is it becoming difficult to get employees feedback on specific tasks?

Don’t fret as Todoist will keep you updated about how much is done and how much is left by reminding you.

It will also allow you to assign a task, set reminders and deadlines. You can make the use of filters to see what tasks have been assigned to you and you can even change your view to a day or a week.

Besides that, you can even send or attachments directly via Todoist only if you are using a premium version.

CoSchedule: An ideal marketing app

Is it becoming difficult to promote your product or services on social media?

Don’t bother at all as CoSchedule is one of the perfect apps that takes care of your social media presence.

It also tracks which of the shared content got maximum shares.

CoSchedule is a content marketing calendar that works well for publishing houses, freelancers, bloggers or even newbie youngpreneurs.

It allows you to plan things perfectly in advance and social media promotion becomes much effortless.

You can directly assign tasks to teams via a template or can upload Google Docs and convert into WordPress directly.

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Trello: A one-of-its-kind tracking App

Are you looking to run your business effortlessly? If you haven’t tried Trello, then you must give it a try.

This app lets you work collaboratively and get more done in a less possible time.

With trello, you can create multiple boards for every team or a department, add individuals, and assign respective tasks to do work productively.

To get started, one can create a free account on this app and later access via your desktop, laptop, or a smartphone.

Trello is a much sought after app that lets you track your to-dos lists, assign tasks to teams, inform teams or individuals via comments, and collaborate in the real-time.

Besides this, Wunderlist is another app that keeps you more organized by allowing you to create your to-dos list or set reminders.

Grammarly: An App that keeps a tab on your writing skills

Grammarly is a must have app that allows you to create an error-free copy.

It can be added as a Chrome extension, which can further be synced with all your Email or social media accounts.

Grammarly keeps a check on contextual spelling, style of writing, grammar, punctuation, plagiarism, and sentence structure.

To get started, you can make use of a free version by creating an account on Grammarly to see how it works by uploading a new document for editing.

Likewise, you can also explore Ginger or Hemingway app for creating a flawless content and always enhance your writing skills alongside.

Zoho CRM: A Sales Productivity App

Zoho CRM is one of the best sales productivity apps for tracking your sales activity.

It allows you to convert your potential buyers into leads, contacts, and deals. Also, you can create different templates and share with your targeted customers.

In case, a potential buyer is willing to buy a product or service owing to various reasons; you can add a brief note or comment remind yourself from time to time.

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LastPass: An ideal password manager

Do you often get confused or just forget the password of various personal and professional accounts?

Don’t stress yourself even if you forget the password as LastPass is a great password manager that won’t let you down. Also, the impressive part is that it lets you create unique yet powerful passwords.

By creating an account on LastPass, you can keep track of the various passwords in an effortless way.

If you find yourself stuck, LastPass is here at your resort anytime you want to.


Undoubtedly, productivity apps have changed the way you manage your time and thereby making you insanely productive.

If you know more apps that lessen your burden or keep you on track of your time and managing it effectively, then we will be happy to hear your thoughts on the same.

Do keep us posted and share your comments with us.