You read many productivity articles every day. You try to follow the tips in them. You believe you can improve your productivity.

Then, what happens?  You just blame the author who coined those tips because they won’t work for you.

Has it ever happened to you? In this article, you will read ten productivity tips that may not work for you.

Productivity tips that won’t work for you

The following are the tips I found difficult to follow. I have also included the fixes for it.

#1. Do you love doing multitasking?

Almost every single productivity article asks you not to multitask. Still, you find it difficult to focus on one thing at a time. Why? Because it is tough to do so!

You should avoid distractions to cease multitasking, about which you can read under #4.

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#2. How listening to music helps?

I totally don’t get it! In some productivity articles, they tell that music boosts our brain to get more things done.

Every time I try to follow the same, it sucks. It really does! The music felt like a distraction for me.

This one depends on the person. You can try it. If found working, stick to it. If not, don’t hesitate to ditch.

#3. Get Rid of checking your Email

I had this habit. Yaay, I stopped checking emails first in the morning.

I know most of you have trouble following this. So, how can you do this?

Turn off your internet in the night, switch off your phone and keep it away from your bed. (Most of you check emails using your phone, that’s why) You will feel the change.

#4. You should eliminate distractions like a Boss

It is easier said than done!

Why you can’t focus on your core tasks is that you don’t even realize distractions. Anything that doesn’t let you do your primary task is a distraction; be it social media or friends (sometimes).

You have to fix a particular timeframe for distraction-like tasks. Promise to yourself that you don’t do it any other time during the work.

#5. Complete the herculean task first

You should do the tough task first.

I know you don’t follow this. We all have a tendency to get the easier things done. Sometimes, we don’t touch the enormous tasks.

If you really can’t do the tough task at first, try to mix up things. A tough task first, then an easy task, again a tough one and so on. In case the tough task is a lengthy one, you can take small breaks to keep yourself refreshed.

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#6. Sleep at least 6 hours

Most of you are night-owls who work in the darkness than in daytime, right?

And, you may not be sleeping at least 6 hours.

OMG! Are you nodding to this? Then, you are in serious trouble. You should take care of yourself.

Take an oath ‘I will not stay awake after 12 AM.’ Ask your Mom or roommate to disconnect the internet despite you saying anything.

#7. Get an early start

Don’t postpone activities. Start them as soon as possible.

I know you are mocking at me right now. Do you think it isn’t possible? I have got a magical chant for you. Read the next tip to know it.

#8. Stick to the deadline

We are poor in sticking to self-made deadlines, right? The scene becomes the worst when you know there is no boss.

Consider the well-wishing part of the mind (you know there’s a devil in your mind, right?) as your boss. And, keep sticking to deadlines he makes.

(Yeah, deadline is the magical chant).

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#9. Utilize your weekends (Guess how?)

I personally try hard to follow this tip.

Provided that I am a self-made entrepreneur, I find it difficult to stay away from work. I need to work even on the weekends.

We are humans! We need fun! We should enjoy things! For the same reason, I am trying my best to utilize my weekends for the simple things that make me happy.

#10. Enjoy your work

Are you kidding me? How can someone enjoy his job?

I understand you.

When you consider your work as mere work, you can’t enjoy anything. Instead, try to play a game in your workplace. Got a report to complete? Ask a colleague for a challenge to find out who does it first.

You think it is impossible, still?

That’s because you hate your job. And, it is a sign for you to look for another one. Look inside you. Retrospect the things that make you happy. Try to find a profession in your passion.

You are going to love it, I swear.

Bottom Line

I have listed out ten productivity tips that may not be working for you. I hope I helped you to follow them as well effectively. Do you think it is impossible? Are you not ready to boost your productivity?

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Listen to me. No one gives a damn about your life. No one cares whether you succeed or not!

You have to work hard to make YOUR LIFE prosperous, Everyone is participating in the life race.

So, stick to the promises you make to yourself.