Starting a day at 9 in the morning and ending it by 9 in the evening is every man’s story nowadays. We spend more time in the office than in our humble abodes.

We all visualize that day when our work life will be much simpler. We wish each day about a miracle happening that can simplify our life in the office.

Let me tell you about some of the genius hacks that will truly make your work life easier.

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Hacks to Simplify your Work Life

We think about having a magic wand, just waving it and making our work life easier. Some genius hacks will not just make your office life easier but can make you take lessons from them too.

A similar color code for every file

Most people have black, blue and same old gray colored files in the office. To simplify things and save your time, you can get bright colored folders and files for your cabinet and write your name and details on it. It will help you to identify them at once and keep snoopers away too!

Keep your business cards handy

There might be a time when you suddenly run out of office visiting cards and don’t have enough time to print some, so you can always carry a photograph of your visiting card in your mobile. In the case of any official work, when your card is required you can at least share the mobile version for the time being.

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Share the next day’s plan

There can be times when you are delayed to office due to some reasons, so it is always better to share the agenda for the day prior with the team. Letting your team know the day’s program a day in advance can make them be prepared for the meeting.

So, as you approach, you don’t have to waste time in briefing them again. Since they are quite prepared, you can kick start the meeting and finish it early.

Create an automated reply

Going on a vacation these days requires a lot of planning. So, in case you are going on an extended vacation always set an automated responder from your inbox. Inform correctly about your joining back date and time.

Also, let a responsible teammate handle your work in your absence. It not just makes your work life easier but gives you a peace of mind during the vacation.

Declutter your workspace

Organizing things inside the office is vital. If you find your space neat and tidy, you feel relaxed and sorted out and can work instead of putting in energy to clean up the mess. Always keep your desktop, folders, images, videos and other stuff planned.

Keep the drawers clean and put only those things are of real need. Throw away all the unnecessary items and declutter your office space.

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Short breaks to stay more productive

Taking required break between work times is very important. Working continuously with no break can make you feel lethargic. Take a short nap after lunch or go for a short walk.

This practice can surely make your work life comfortable and relaxed and will boost your productivity too.

Staying late in the office

If you have to stay late in the office or if you have a night shift, always keep things like coffee pouches, mobile charger, medicines, extra cash, ID proof and similar necessary things safe in your bag.

You can buy and an additional pair of such things and keep the permanently in your office bag. This step can make your life easier at work.

Put reminders

During the office hours, we all have that extra cup of coffees and tea.

To put a check on it, you can put time reminder labels on your coffee mug. These reminders will make you remember the number of times you already had coffee.

Same can be done on your water bottle. The extra CD’s in the desk can be used as tea coasters or may be for decorative pieces. This will not just clear the extra useless stuff, but also make you feel lighter when you sit at your office desk.

Start a carpool

Reaching office in time in peak rush hours is the prime tension of most employees these days. If you reach office in time, you can start off early and wrap up early too.

So, jump in for a carpool with a few colleagues in the office. This can make your work life much simpler and less hectic.

This will not just save your time, money and energy but will also give you a chance to do your little for the globe too.


Office life can be made much simpler with these little things. These genius hacks save your precious time and show you the real way to keep your office life easy and prearranged.

Trying more such hacks can take very less of your time, but give you a lot in return.

A clean, organized, gleaming, hassle free work life is what we all desire and these genius hacks do the bit for us each day.