Every morning, you decide to work hard. You make your mind so strong that no one can get in the way to oppose you.

But when you get to your workplace, everything starts acting against you. Finally, you end up procrastinating. Does it sound familiar to you?

Don’t worry! I have ten tips to help you boost the productivity at your workplace.

Boosting Productivity at Workplace

The following are the effective tips that I found useful. I hope it will help you too.

#1. Track the Time Spent for Tasks

You have to track the time spent for every task you do on a daily basis. Obviously, you need to take a break regularly to keep yourself refreshed.


Most of the people spent more time for breaks than for their work sessions. Make sure you track the time spent on tasks. If anything goes awkwardly long, you can cease the same and move on to the next one.

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#2. Follow the Two Minute Rule

Every task is difficult to start. Once you win over the starting trouble, you can keep on doing the task without any issues.

The two-minute rule helps you eliminate the starting problem. Whenever you find it hard to initiate a job, tell yourself that you are going to do it only for the first two minutes.

There you go! As you start, the doing becomes easier than you thought it would be.

#3. Take Productive Commutes

You spend a lot of time in your journeys, don’t you? And, I want to point out the fact that journeys of most of us are unproductive.

Why don’t you do small tasks like replying to an email or assigning the task to a team member during your commutes?

If you do small jobs during journeys, you won’t have to spend your productive times for such tasks. Even though you don’t have anything to do, you can read a book or listen to an audio-book.

#4. Take Regular Breaks

If you don’t take regular breaks, you will BREAK everything.

I mean it! You will ruin your job without taking periodical breaks.

Sometimes we indulge intensively in our work that we forget to take breaks. As a result, you will end up in fatigue and denial to proceed to the next project.

Pomodoro technique is the best way to take productive work sessions with regular breaks. You can work for 25 minutes and take a 5-minute break. As you keep on doing this, you won’t feel tired or tedious.

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#5. Turn off All Notifications

The mobile phone is a disturbance. Yeah, I mean it. That’s why I always keep it in silent mode while I am working.

So whenever you enter your workplace, switch your phone to DND (do not disturb) or silent mode. Don’t use any app that syncs notifications to your computer as well. It will do more harm than any good.

Moreover, you can turn off any notifications (social media mails to your inbox).

#6. Set Deadlines

You know what deadline is, don’t you?

It is a strict time limit for the completion of a project. Most of the companies give their employees deadlines to make them productive.

If you get a deadline with a warning that the failure to fulfill the time limit will threaten your job, will you complete the job?

I am sure you will!

Even if there is no one to give you a deadline, assign some on your own.

#7. Single-Task

Multitasking is a productivity killer.

If you multitask, you can’t efficiently do at least one of the tasks. Don’t check your phone while you are working. Don’t open Facebook when you do a major project.

In case you want to do a task simultaneously with another, follow the Pomodoro technique and do the secondary job during breaks. (I hope you won’t need more than five minutes to check your social media feed or randomly checking your smartphone)

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#8. Work in Team

Having a productive team is the best thing in the world. Sometimes we can’t get things done alone. That’s when you realize having a good team is significant.

If you are an entrepreneur and your financial position allows, you can hire people to help you in your endeavors.

Delegate those works that you are not an expert into others. Do what you have got the expertise in.

#9. Spend Less Time on Meetings

I am talking about purely professional meetings here.

There are meetings in almost every office. People waste most of their time roaming around even after the prime purpose of the meeting is over.

You can spend less time on meeting for productive work sessions.

#10. Clean Your Table

Cleanliness is the key to productivity.

So the first thing you should do before you start working is to clean your table.

The organized workplace evokes the workaholic person in you.

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So, you have now ten effective strategies to boost productivity at your workplace.

What do you think? Have you tried any of them?

Let me introduce a new challenge to you. Bookmark this post and follow the tips provided in this article for 30 days. Come back here on the thirty-first day with what you experience.

I am waiting to read your words in the comment section.