Is it true that doing the “Less” is “new more?”

The reality is we all want to do more things done in a less time. But, how is it possible?

Through this write-up, I will share my experience, and I hope it will give you a way through to achieve more in a less time.

To start with, I want to share a favorite quote by Lao Tzu, who is a major figure in Chinese philosophy. He once added, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

So, it’s important to take that single step towards fulfilling your aims and live a happier life.

To be more efficient in what you do, the foremost thing you need to do is, find a serene place, sit and close your eyes, and start visualizing how you start your daily routine.

Also, find out how much time you spend on finishing your daily tasks and how much productive you remain.

I believe that it’s only you who can identify and make a change in your daily routine. It’s only you – who has to take that first step towards making a new beginning.

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If you have decided to make a change in your lives, go through these simple yet practical tips to supercharge your productivity levels.

#1 Plan a day in advance

A quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry inspires me a lot. He says, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

If you want to be ahead of your targets, it’s best to plan your next day, a day before. Give yourself a 10 minutes’ time to plan the things that you have to finish on priority, the following day.

The best way to plan a day is to write down your list of tasks that you want to complete initially.

You will only be successful if you remain more consistent in following the same practice every day.

How to get started with planning a day in advance!

#2 No more headaches with a ‘shorter task list’

It’s of prime importance to create a shorter task list instead of a longer one.

Add a timeline to finish your specific tasks. If you are working on longer work assignments, the ideal way is to break into small portions.

To quickly complete your tasks, you should first pick the ones that you can do flawlessly and confidently.

Depending on your knowledge, skills, and efficiency at completing particular tasks, you can either choose tricky or smaller tasks at first.

Instead of copying how other people strategize to complete their tasks, the best part is followed your strategy that suits you well, and you are ready to hit the bull’s eye.

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#3 Minimize interruptions & stay focused

To stay focused, avoid things that interrupt your work speed and efficiency.

If you are working on your desktop or a laptop, work in one tab instead of working in multiple tabs.

Moreover, you can minimize the unwanted distractions by keeping your phone on silent, block social media websites, avoid doing excessive web browsing, and stop checking your Emails every minute.

#4  Do one thing at a time!

Multitasking may seem to be an excellent idea for people, but the reality is, it won’t lead you anywhere. Rather you just end your day with less finished tasks.

To achieve your daily targets, the best practice you can follow is – do one thing at a time apart from clinging to multiple things at a time.

When you do one task at a time, you can focus more and complete your work with dexterity.

# 5 Think less, do more!

When you think endlessly about the things you cannot change, it will just leave you frustrated and stressed all the time. So, how to think less?

I believe that when you know what you have to do, you just do it anyway without giving a second thought to the things.

The most efficient way to do more is to stop spending more time on thinking more and more or on planning. Rather give shape to your plans by executing it and remain focused towards accomplishing it.

The other thing you can do is take control of your work routine and determine what you want to do next with the available time, resources, tools, and your energy levels.

# 6 Manage your time efficiently

I believe that sitting for long hours does not determine how much output you daily generate. The thing that matters is how flawlessly you complete all your tasks.

We all know “Time is a precious commodity.” So, if you learn to manage your time in an efficient manner and you will definitely be on top of your targets always.

The other best way to manage your time is, stay away from gossips, office politics and rather focus on getting things done on time without getting distracted anymore.

Stop indulging in non-productive activities as it keeps you away from reaching your goals.

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 #7 Assigning tasks is way to do less

Sometimes, it’s better to delegate responsibilities so as to finish your tasks quickly.

Although delegating work may put you in doubt a little as trusting someone else can probably put you in a risky situation.

If it happens, you come across such a situation at work; the best way out is to give a quick brief to the person as to how a particular task is required to be done.

This way it will lessen your workload, and you can quickly wrap up your work in a less time.

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To sum it up, I want to add here is that start taking control of certain things, so you remain stick to your goals. By following this way, you will never wander and always stay focused.

Hence, I suggest you all follow a customized routine that suits your work style. It’s important to set goals for yourself, align your speed to get going and do less to get more things.