“If you want something in your life you have never had, you will have to do something you have never done,” said JD Houston.

These lines perfectly suit successful personalities. Successful people follow it consistently in their lives.  Doing different not just distinguishes them from others but also shows that risk-taking is necessary for life.

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So, let me take you through 5 key things that successful people do differently.

These points can also be followed by any of us to absorb how successful people act in their daily lives and make the most out of every day.

#1 They stay focused

Most successful people, be it from any profession is much focussed. They know the day plan and are also ready to face the day with proper action. They know how to concentrate.

In fact, many successful people also take sustenance of music, meditation and other things to concentrate more on the day task. They never do multitasking, instead follow one work at a time pattern.

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#2 Networking is the key

Maintaining great relationships with people is also important for successful people, and they do it classically well. Their network doesn’t have just big shots, but also people from out of their industry.

Successful people weave their network in such a manner that it always aids them on the professional front. They always surround themselves with people who left them higher be it in a smaller way.

For building strong relations, successful people also make sure they have great communication skills too, which we will discuss in detail in Point 3 below.

For building great network it is also important that you maintain face to face conversations too. In today’s fast-paced world, texts, messages, and calls may help, but face to face chats have their prominence and place in networking.

#3 They’re great orators and listeners

It is said that only a good listener can be a great speaker. Successful people make sure they are a blend of both. For them to speak efficiently on public platforms groundwork is vital, but keeping their ears open for all learning is also useful.

Successful people follow below tips to be a good listener. If you are a good listener, you imbibe lots of knowledge in, and it shows when you speak.

  • They empathize, sympathize and show interest in others.
  • They ask relevant questions too to be a good listener.
  • They don’t interrupt and let the other person speak and show a keen interest in the picked up subject.
  • They take down notes side by side while listening to any speech or talk.

Tips successful people follow to be a good orator

  • They read a lot which makes them more confident while speaking on any stage.
  • They research the topic before getting up the podium. A well-researched speaker is what a successful person is.
  • Always remember concepts instead of mugging up the content. This makes successful people catch the subject clearly in their minds, and so they can present it differently and assuredly.
  • Interaction with the crowd is also imperative. Successful people always talk to the group before starting their speech.
  • This makes them know the mindset and IQ level of the people to a large extent. So, it gets easier to know what kind of language (easy or difficult) is to be used while delivering the speech.
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#4 They take out time for rejuvenation

Successful people have different ways of recharging themselves. It is vital for them to perform consistently, and hence family, friends and personal time is also important.

Successful leaders not just go on expensive foreign trips, but also relax by spending time at a charity place or simply by spending hours in a library or a club for recreation. Another thing that makes them what they are is allowing others to enjoy too.

Successful people always make sure their team is also relaxing at times and is not over exerted with work pressures.

They arrange for short trips for their team and try and arrange meetings and conferences at locations like a hill station or a beach place where his subordinates can spend some good time after meetings. The more you care for your team, the better they perform.

Successful people do a lot of things in their way. They paint, they draw, they write anything, go for a drive, shopping, watch great films, read biographies and much more that makes them contented and efficacious.

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#5 They learn from mistakes

Successful people believe not in delivering a product but an entire experience with it. For this, they continuously learn from mistakes done in the past. Nokia was a leader a few years ago, but Apple and Android crashed it.

Even after it the company did not learn from its mistake and was thrown out of the competition. Successful people take their company ahead with their continuous efforts to improvise and move ahead.

As humans, we all are bound to make mistakes, but correcting them at each step and completely eradicating them is paramount.

 Successful people make sure they don’t repeat the same type of mistakes. They analyze each situation in which mistake had been done and ways to stop it from happening again.


So, the crux lies in the fact that to be successful any person needs to do things differently.

The ways may be familiar, but the approach taken by successful people is different and far more superior to any ordinary man.

Following the above things might also make you stand in the line of successful people.