Things you need to do before turning 30

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Does your forthcoming thirtieth birthday scares you of getting a year older or for not participating in plenty of experiences when you were young?

Life becomes complicated after 30. People get married; have commitments towards their families, peer pressure at a workplace and no time for their own. It just gets impossible to make plans after 30.

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Things to do before reaching the age of 30!

We all want to live many lives in a single life. So, how can you do it and fulfill your dreams? Read about the things that you really should try once before blowing candles of your 30th birthday!

#1 Travel to a foreign land

All throughout your life you have been with familiar people and an environment. Try and travel to a foreign land where the people, their language, and their culture is entirely different from yours.


Mere traveling and communicating with other denizens will enlighten you and make you adaptable to a foreign environment and their culture.  Trust me; this will be a lifetime experience.

#2. Start a saving

Make a habit of saving for your old age. Go for a retirement pension plan, life insurance, and medical insurance as these will fulfill your financial requirements in your rainy days.

Apart from these, you can start Recurring and Fixed deposits, PPFs, can purchase stocks and bonds, invest in ‘Systematic Investment Plans’ and much more.

#3. Learn to play any musical instrument

Yeah, you have read it right. If you love listening music, then this is the perfect time to play the strings of a guitar or learn the nimble finger work on the keyboard of a piano.

It will prove to be a recreational activity for you and you never know you can have a fan of your music anytime.

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#4. Buy a vehicle for yourself

How about enjoying a ride on your motorbike or flaunting an alloy wheeled top model car? Well, everyone yearns for their vehicle since the teenage. Save from your salary to own a vehicle before 30 and make your dream come true.

#5. Go bungee jumping, skydiving and rock climbing

It is very well said that the freaking activities of your yesteryears always ignites the passion of today.

Try out the freakiest of the stuff that will give you a sudden adrenaline rush and experience the exhilarating feeling of being a junky.

#6. Learn a new language

Are you well versed with Hindi, English and one of your regional mother tongue but want to learn some other languages? Well, this is the right time to hit the button.

Knowledge of any foreign languages is always an added advantage for everyone. It can fetch you with lucrative job opportunities too.

#7.  Attend a rock concert

Maybe you are an ardent fan of Jagjit Singh’s Ghazal or Kishore Kumar’s romantic numbers, but once in a blue moon heavy metal rock music is a must try for one and all.

Going to a rock concert with friends and banging heads to the electrifying tune of the guitar and thumping of drums will make you go crazy totally. I think, you would not prefer going to such a place once you have climbed the ladder of the 30s.

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#8. Start reading

Books are one’s best friends. Make yourself a habit of reading books before going to bed. Reading books not only increases your knowledge but makes you more creative and imaginative.

#9. Freak out the fear in you

Sometimes our fears hold us back. But it’s time for you to get going and regain that confidence in you. Participate in public speaking, go for dance and drama classes, be in charge of the community events and much more.

Once you have overcome your fears of facing public and crowd than you are capable of doing anything.

#10 Get inked

Are you a daredevil? Well, think of getting a wild, and wacky tattoo pierced on your body before blowing away 30 candles on your birthday cake. Tattoo is one thing that is permanent and will stay with you till the last breath of your life.


Getting a tattoo done on yourself will not only remind you of your learning and mistakes made in your 20s but will keep your youth refreshed throughout your life.

#11. Be a member of a club

By late twenties, majorly all of us are well settled professionally and love to socialize regularly. It is better to join a membership of any sports and gym club, a ladies club, Rotary club to hang out with friends and near & dear ones.

#12. Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself from time to time will give you a break from the monotony of your routine life. It’s just like our parents bribing us to study and excel in our midterm examination.

Gifts and rewards will also help you to aim and achieve better in life. Rewarding can be anything from a designer handbag to a luxuriant day at a spa or a holiday in a hill station.

#13. Learn to apologize

It’s always hard to admit your mistakes and apologize, but if done people will respect you more. I am sure; doing this will fetch you more friends and positivity in life

#14. Start forgiving others

Don’t hold the grudges and forgive others should be your mantra before stepping into your 30s. As you are aging, learn and realize the fact that no one is perfect, not even we.

When we can forgive ourselves for our misdeeds then what makes us hold on the chip on our shoulder for others.

#15.  Spend some quality family time

The family is one that is left behind during your ambitious career making years. We tend to forget that family is the only backbone that has supported us to rise in career and in life so far and they will remain to do so in future too.

However, it’s our responsibility and duty now to render back the same affection and love to the family. Spending time with the family might surprise you with new and conditional bond amongst the family members.


#16. Make a list of Things to do Before You Turn 40

Well, finally it is important to make a list of things that you should o before turning 40. It is fun to give yourself a target to achieve in life as it infuses in you great spirit and happiness.

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Well, I hope that this list of 16 things that everyone should do before turning thirty must have inspired you a lot. I know some may find my 16 commandments as funny and unrealistic.

But all in the late 20s, take a serious note on these must to do things before you turn old and crib for not making the fullest of the opportunity you had as young.