10 ways to keep yourself away from negative energy

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After all who doesn’t love to have positive energy and great vibes around them?

I feel positive energy uplifts your mood; on the contrary, negative energy drains all your zeal and makes you feel monotonous.

Negative energy can be considered a force that builds around you and forces you to be laid back, less optimistic and more exhausted in life.

How is negativity Hazardous to one’s work life?

Negative energy and negative thought process cannot just affect your personal life but also impede your work life. Work is considered worship, and when it is combined with positive forces, it gives desirable results too.

Staying away from negative energy is essential in the workplace. It can be negative people who talk behind your back or who are not very encouraging.

It can also be things that deviate your attention at the workplace and do not let you concentrate on your core goal at work.

Research has also shown that people who cultivate negative energy experience more stress, more sickness, and less opportunity over the course of their lives than people who remain positive at work and everyday life.

Someone has rightly said that ‘One should not imprison his mind with negative thoughts.’ Instead at work also keep yourself engaged in happy talks that are more productive for you and help you in career growth.

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Tips to overcome ‘Negativity’

There can be a million ways to get rid of negative forces around you, but I follow these that have worked for me.

#1 Surround yourself with happy people

Happy people usually emit positive vibrations. Be with them. In the office try to avoid talks with individuals with negative energies around them. If it is urgent and work related, get it done and bid goodbye to their negative faces!

#2 Meditation sessions can work for you

These can be useful in the workplace. Motivate people in the office to be a part of meditation workshops.

I started Yoga long back, and now no negativity affects me. Similarly, you can also transform others lives and make them get rid of negative energy.

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#3 Stay away from negative people

First, avoid their talks. Second, don’t let any of their false statements go unchallenged.

There are different kinds of people at any workplace, and this can be one way to deal with them. If they say anything bad about the company, try to find out the truth instead of letting the negative energy spread.

#4 Involve in healthy discussions

During free hours or after lunch hours in the office instead of bitching about people in the office or your bosses. Talk about good things in life. Talk about achievements. Discuss on good books and leaders who have outshined and shown the world and positive light.

#5 Do not litter the workplace

Yes, this point has always worked for me. The more my place is lit up and nicely decorated, the more I got positive vibrations and energy.

Try to keep your desk tidy and encourage others to do the same. Throw away useless things or give it to those who might need them. A neat and shiny workplace is definitely a sign of no negativity zone.

#6 Stop making groups

Don’t get involved with everyone in the office. Forming groups often creates menace and cultivates negative energy. Talk to everyone and let them know how you keep so energetic and full of happy thoughts and remain positive.

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#7 Don’t carry home to office

Leave your personal problems at home. Never carry them to an office. Although it was tough for me too if we try nothing is impossible.

Try and discuss work at the workplace. Your personal relations and home clutter can further destroy the office ambiance and spread the negative energy around.

#8 Don’t take hasty decisions

Don’t just jump to conclusions. Try to find out why the office environment is getting dirtier and more negative.

Is it a person, a bunch of people or something else? Always find out. Different people have different opinions. Listen to all of it and find out the real reason behind it and try to resolve it with the bosses.

#9 Turn barriers into opportunities

Whatever task is assigned to you, accept it with full confidence and positive approach. In case, you feel stuck somewhere, seek a colleague’s help and turn it into an opportunity.

Sprinkle the place with lots of positive energy and shun the cover of negative energy. People who finish any task at an office with happiness and a go-getter attitude are always appreciated for their No negative approach.

#10 Teamwork is a better way to work

Strong teamwork makes a workplace more productive and helps in reducing negativity. It gives everyone a chance to showcase their best abilities.

I would say instead of Me first me first attitude. Opt for ‘We first approach.’ This has worked for me and surely must work for you.

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I think there can be no big real and actual way to find out just one method to push out negative energy. One solution may work for you but not for me and vice versa. I suggest trying to experiment.

Positive energy has high power. It washes away the stains and blemishes of negative forces. You have to try it again to eliminate it from your workplace. At the workplace, things flow pyramidical way.

Concluding, I remember these beautiful lines that every time you subtract negativity from your workplace, you make more room and more cabins for positive energy.